Arthur - In Search Of Arthur LP

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Long awaited release of this psychedelic/acid folk masterpiece from the North. Arthur was a Canadian musician who recorded this unique masterpiece as a demo–only one sided album on the Two Dot label in Colorado in 1969. Only a hand full of demo copies were released and sent out to major labels to get a record deal. This happened only later after he signed with Tumbleweed Records and released two albums as Arthur Gee. This first ever official release includes his complete demo LP, unreleased sessions and his mega rare 45 rpm both from before the LP and recorded in Canada. The music can be described as a mixture of Perry Leopold, William C. Beeley and early Pink Floyd (his 45 rpm) which is pure magic. Talking about psychedelic/acid folk albums, this is one of the top five best ever LP’s in this genre! Simply a record for the Isle, and housed in one of the best hippie psychedelic covers ever... Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with a bio written by Arthur.