Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground LP

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Credited as one of the best late ’60s German psych–rock albums, Bokaj Retsiem’s (’meister Jakob’ in reverse) Psychedelic Underground is an eccentric, soulful, acid and fuzzy rockin’ essay that clearly prefigures a part of the krautrock movement. Featuring Rainer Deigner, former guitar for the ’60s beat German group Former Bonds, as the only credited musician and composer on this album (although other musicians assisted him on bass, keyboards, and that B3 Hammond and Leslie sound), this is basically Rainer’s freaked–out tribute to his favorite children’s song, ’Meister Jakob, ’ consisting in trippy instrumental sections, furiously savage E–guitar crescendos, amazing psych–rock improvisation, with just a hint of ’60s US psych–garage. A real enthusiastic psych–kraut trip for fans of Vanilla Fudge, Hendrix, and Iron Butterfly.