Profanatica - The Enemy of Virtue DLP

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Vinyl compilation from 2006 of US Black Metal legends Profanatica.

A1-B9 is the same tracklist as the 'Collection' LP.
-Tracks A1-A2 taken from "Putrescence Of..." demo 1990
-Tracks A3-A5 taken from "Broken Throne of Christ" demo 1990
-Tracks A6-A7 taken from "Weeping In Heaven" 7" EP 1991
-Tracks B1-B4 taken from "Tormenting Holy Flesh" split with MASACRE 1992
-Tracks B5-B9 taken from final studio sessions 1992 (previously unreleased)

-Tracks C1-C2 - the 'Broken Jew' EP
-Track C3 - Previously only released in mp3 form
-Tracks C4-C7 - An unreleased Toten rehearsal.
-Tracks D1-D5 - Live at 'Connections' (July 2001)

Vinyl condition: NM

Sleeve condition: NM